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The Competition «World of Rosé»


The VINUM International Wine Competition «WORLD OF ROSE 2023» aims to objectively document the current quality and development status of all rosé wines, and their various styles. The competition is designed to support the efforts of the wine industry to face the current challenges in the national and international wine market. The objective is to highlight the individual quality of the wines and to honour those who have reached a level of excellence that is clearly above average. The result is intended to be an advisor for wine consumers and wine professionals likewise. The third edition will take place in 2023

Awards will be granted in the following 8 categories:

  • Category 1: Rosé Dry/up to <9,99 € * 
    ((dry, up to and including 8.9 g/RS, min. 12.0 % alcohol)
  • Category 2: Rosé Dry/ between 10 and 19,99 € * 
    (dry, up to and including 8.9 g/RS, min. 12.0 % alcohol)
  • Category 3: Rosé Dry/ between from 20,00 €* 
    (dry, up to and including 8.9 g/RS, min. 12.0 % alcohol)
  • Category 4: Rosé Modern Dry
    (from 9,0 g/RS)
  • Category 5: Rosé Low Alcohol
    (up to and including 8.9 g/RZ, max. 11.5% alcohol)
  • Category 6: Rosé Sparkling
    (Extra Brut, Brut, Brut Nature)
  • Category 7: Rosé Sparkling Modern Dry
    (Extra Dry, Sec, Dry, Demi-sec, Doux)
  • Category 8: Rosé Sparkling Classic Method
    (Champagne, Franciacorta, Cava, Corpinnat, Trento Doc, etc.)

* As price applies the sales price to private customers/end consumers, incl. VAT.

At least twenty wines submitted are required for a category to be relevant for the competition. After registration, the classification of the category will be checked and adjusted if necessary. The producer is free to choose the vintages and grape varieties of the wines submitted. 

Special awards/prizes:

  • Best Rosé 2023 – The highest scoring wine, across all categories.
  • Best of Country – The best wines of a country of origin.
  • Best Vintage – The 5 best matured rosés from vintage 2018 and earlier.
  • Best of Appellation – The best wines from a production area with a protected designation of origin  

** This special prize will be awarded if at least twenty wines are submitted using the same grape variety or from the same wine region. If this limit is not reached, the special prize will not be awarded.

The VINUM International Wine Competition «WORLD OF ROSE 2023» is a project by the wine magazine VINUM, Intervinum AG, Zurich, Switzerland. VINUM is responsible for organising and running the tastings, and will provide the infrastructure and staff.