Munich/Zurich, 15 May 2023

VINUM "Word of Rosé 2023" presents the winners

The best rosé comes from Italy: Primitivo Salento IGP Duca delle Corone 2022

Once again, the current breadth of rosé styles was put on show at Vinum’s World of Rosé’ competition. Wines from Italy and Germany particularly impressed and there were some astonishing scores, even in the medium price segment. After intensive tasting, the ‘Duca delle Corone Primitivo Salento Rosato’ from Apulia was crowned ‘Rosé of the Year’ – a truly unexpected success!

(Zurich) The rosé boom is showing no signs of ending, as production and sales figures continue to increase. This is being accompanied by a notable rise in quality. This competition clearly showed that the era of the pink-tinged joke drink is behind us – very serious, perfectly made wines now make up the majority of the rosé market. The segment up to €20 in particular has never included so many delights for exacting wine drinkers. With more than 850 wines tasted, VINUM’s ‘World of Rosé’ competition is the biggest of its kind. All of the wines were extensively tasted and tasting notes were created for each. The results of the tastings are detailed at, keyword ‘World of Rosé”.

The winning wine also astonished the expert judging panel: a rosé from Apulia, made from 100% Primitivo matured in steel tanks, was definitely not what anyone expected to find on the podium. With their ‘Duca delle Corone Rosé’, the Tinazzi family has managed to create a genuine masterpiece of a wine that combines high aspirations with drinking pleasure in a way that few can achieve – and all for a hugely consumer-friendly price.

The top-class expert judging panel of sommeliers, wine merchants, winemakers and the VINUM editorial board tasted the wines submitted over the course of three days. The wines were tasted, discussed and evaluated in detail in accordance with the international OIV guidelines, as is standard for a VINUM competition. The around 860 wines were tasted completely blind, across numerous rounds, and were scored using the internationally recognised 100-point system.

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All of the results have now been finalised. The top results will be presented in the current VINUM edition 06/2023, and all finalist wines and a ‘World of Rosé’ ranking will be published on the website

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