Zurich, 4 April 2024

Fabulous Wineries Palatinate

New publication: a very special wine book about the Palatinate region

From 1816 to 1946, the area of the Palatinate on the left bank of the Rhine was part of Bavaria: so it is only right that a Bavarian wine journalist, born in the city that still has a Palatinate wine tavern and a branch of the Palatinate brotherhood (Munich), should take an in-depth look at Palatinate winemaking and its top estates. Author Rudolf Knoll and experienced wine photographer Armin Faber (not from Bavaria or the Palatinate) visited countless acquaintances and friends old and new on the wine scene that met one fundamental requirement: they had to offer good and excellent wines.

‘Photo man’ Faber also focused on fantastic, unusual subjects to capture with his camera. Knoll tasted a wide range of wine collections, while also persuading winemakers to reveal the secrets behind their magnificent wines and the unusual, often largely unknown stories explaining how their wineries came to be. As well as popular wine estates, the book also showcases some hopeful newcomers and very special figures. In addition, it features hearty Palatinate cuisine and some gastronomic tips.

In detail

  • 50 profiles of 50 wine estates
  • 150 detailed wine recommendations with pictures, many other tips in profiles

An insight into Palatinate wine history, Palatinate wine records, key grape varieties, and the regions where they grow

Facts about the book:

  • Authors: Rudolf Knoll and Armin Faber
  • Publisher: Intervinum AG, the magazine for wine culture
  • Publication date: 04/04/2024
  • Pages: 232
  • Dimensions (L/W): 230 x 297 mm

Available as:
Book edition in German        978-3-033-10298-9
Book edition in English         978-3-033-10299-6
Price                                                CHF 24.90, €24.90