Nature and culture

Roero for explorers

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It does not always have to be wine, but a visit to Roero’s wineries and vineyards combines very well with natural and cultural experiences. In the various parts of this small yet perfectly formed region, you can go on a voyage of discovery (supported by an app and GPS) and venture into the rocche ravines, the magnificent castle halls, or the vineyards.

The Rocche del Roero Eco Museum

The rocche are a spectacular, labyrinthine ridge of gorges, walls, towers and dunes stretching for more than 30 km across eight villages from Pocapaglia to Cisterna d’Asti, the result of unusual erosion of the Tanaro during the Ice Age. The rocche ecosystem is very sensitive, and various microclimates exist alongside each other at an altitude of a few hundred metres. The pines and oaks typical of dry vegetation grow towards the top of hills, whilst the soils in the gorges are damp with standing water and create lush habitats. The rocche also have sandy soils that were once the seabed, and are rich in fossils. The Rocche del Roero eco museum has created a network of themed tours, nature trails where you can explore the beauty and particular features of the area. The paths are marked, and en route there are information panels that will help visitors find out more about the different elements of Roero’s identity (beekeeping, centuries- old chestnut trees, popular games, fossils, etc.). GPS tracks can be downloaded for free from the eco museum website.

Wine Tours of Roero's Crus

A collaboration between Consorzio di Tutela del Roero and the Ecomuseo delle Rocche del Roero resulted in the Wine Tours, a way of discovering Roero’s crus – its most prestigious vineyards – by bicycle or on foot. Visitors can wander through vineyards and farms on four panoramic routes, designed as circular paths that always lead you back to where you started. These routes are therefore ideal for trekkers, mountain biking fans and e-bike enthusiasts. The wine tours of Roero’s crus are also some of the first of their kind in Italy, offering visitors an interactive guided experience via the free izi.TRAVEL app. Visitors who download the app to their smartphone can explore curiosities and anecdotes about Roero’s history. The integrated GPS function shows you your selected route without the need for headphones. For more information and details of the routes:

Roero Days

The Roero Days were created to boost awareness of the Roero DOCG area of origin on a national and international level. During the Roero Days, every year in March and April a different city holds two days of tasting workshops where enthusiasts can discover the qualities that make Roero DOCG famous. Francesco Monchiero: ‘The Roero Days enable consumers to explore the world of Roero via tastings and conversations with winemakers, and pros, sommeliers and journalists to taste the new vintages under professional conditions.’