Zurich, 24 June 2022

World of Rosé 2022: The best rosé of the year comes from Rheinhessen, Germany

Surprises and expectations in equal measure: The VINUM competition "World of Rosé" provided both, with well-known names as well as real newcomers on the podium. Even previously largely unknown rosé nations such as Austria or Switzerland found themselve on the winners' podium for the first time.

The jury chose "Dinter der Rosé" from the Braunewell Winery as Rosé of the Year.

It should be common knowledge that rosé is no longer just a trendy drink. In any case, renowned producers in Germany and Austria are no longer afraid to include one or more rosés in their product range. In any case, it was noticeable that even companies with the greatest reputation were among the participants as well as among the winners in the end. Many a prejudice was probably revised in the tasting committee, which was made up of experts, because scores of up to 95 points, as they were in the competition, are not a common This may also be due in part to the composition of the tasting panel: in addition to the VINUM editorial team, sommeliers, winemakers and wine merchants were also on board. And, as experience shows, they evaluate wines differently than the editors. In the end, wines from Italy, Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland stood at the top of the podium, proof of the international value of the competition and the wines entered. The detailed results of the tastings can be read at www.vinum.eu/weinsuche, keyword "World of Rosé".

The high-calibre, eighteen-member jury of experts tasted for three days as if in seclusion; there was extensive tasting, discussion and evaluation, as is customary at VINUM competitions, according to the internationally valid OIV guidelines. The almost 900 bottles were tasted completely anonymously, there were several tasting rounds and the evaluation was carried out according to the internationally accepted 100-point system.

Information for the media

All results have now been determined. The top results will be presented in the current VINUM issue 07-08/2022, all final wines and rankings of the "World of Rosé" will be published on the website www.worldofrose.com.


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